About SMART Recovery OC
My name is Steve and I am a Smart Recovery facilitator.  I conduct a meeting at the Irvine Kaiser Permanente Hospital each Sunday evening from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm.   
I also author “The Sunday Irvine Meeting” blog.   It discusses a variety of recovery issues. You can read the blog at any time but if you register for the site you will get email updates and can participate in replying to the blogs. In an effort to respect privacy, you may register for the blog under an assumed name.  I encourage and welcome replies to posts.  If you would like to author an article for the blog, please feel free to email ideas. There is also a “secret” Facebook page for our group. Email me for information if you have a facebook account and are interested.
I appreciate being advised of new meetings in the area or those that have been cancelled or discontinued. Please email me at  steve.smart@cox.net
Wishing each of you Smart choices for a successful Smart Recovery.